Yogalilies is an award winning urban retreat right in the heart of the historic City of Newcastle upon Tyne and is Newcastle’s first and most established Yoga studio est.2010

Here, you will find a combination of the newest and more traditional forms of Yoga, mixed with the most ancient methods of aligning mind, body and soul from the most skilled teachers in their field. We offer yoga classes, courses, workshops and retreats.

The centre has two luxurious warm and welcoming studios with treatment rooms and changing facilities. It’s situated right in the heart of the City Centre on Pilgrim Street with ample local parking available and very close to the Monument Metro Station.

We have a daily timetable of classes from 7:30am – 9:00pm to suit people of all ages, levels and abilities. As well as many different yoga classes we offer meditation, mindfulness, pregnancy and beginners classes and courses.

At Yogalilies we see yoga do incredible things for many people. Whether you want to get fit, get flexible, get in touch with your spiritual side or simply relax and reduce stress, we have a class for you. We are here to help you reach your goals in life, get strong in mind and body and love every minute of the journey – that’s our goal!

  • Yoga?  That’s for girls isn’t it?  Pretty much a standard response from other people when I told them I’d started taking classes with Lissa.  Well, having gone from an occasional jogger to recently completing a 184 mile ultra marathon in 4 days, I firmly believe that it was those Yoga sessions that carried me through.  As fit as I might have been in my younger days, my core has never been stronger, my posture has never been better and I’ve learnt to use the muscles designed to bear the load not those you default to when you’re tired.  Yoga?  Don’t knock it, try it and with a teacher as good as Lissa, you’ll be amazed at what it can do for you–Keith Burge

  • The course has been really great – I really really enjoy it and get a lot out of it, the mixed class (males/females) is a refreshing change – you often get all-female classes, and there’s good humour in the class too–Jennifer Klein

  • I’ve been practising yoga for 13 years but my real enjoyment of it and passion for it has been enhanced by joining Yogalilies. The teaching is of a consistently high standard, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the studio is clean and overall I can’t rate it any higher. Lissa smacks of being a perfectionist and her passion for the practice and the customer experience is in every tiny detail. She has created something special and quite unique. All in all one of my favourite things in life and one of my ways to balance out a hectic life of a large family and building my own business.–David Mcminn

  • As my first ever Yoga experience I have everything positive to say and feel. What an interesting "body & mind" experience made possible only by Lissa’s help and enthusiasm. See you next week !! Michelle (beginner....very)–Michelle

  • The tutor is knowledgeable, confident and delivers the class well, she always helps individuals who have difficulties, pays attention to those with specific needs (injuries) as well as giving us confirmations that a move/exercise is correctly done.–John Clements

  • I highly recommend Yogaliles to both newcomers and experienced yoga students.–Karen Smith

  • I feel that I’m more flexible, toned and calmer than before and I look forward to my classes each week–Lisa Vincent

  • The yoga class today was great! I am so pleased to have chosen your class as I can tell how knowledgeable you are regarding this practise and how much you believe in it which is very motivating!–Amanda Kennington

  • Really looking forward to more of the same for the sessions going forward–Donna Bulmer

  • I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed classes over the last 6 weeks, thank you!! –Hannah Gillett