3 Recipes with True Nopal Cactus Water

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3 Recipes with True Nopal Cactus Water 

We all know that coconut water is often the go-to-drink for post-Pilates and yoga sessions, but Cactus water is hot on its heels and is set to revolutionise the market!

With 50% fewer calories and sugar content than coconut water plus the added benefit of it containing taurine an amino acid that our bodies naturally create. It is also full of antioxidants, and one of the antioxidants are called betalains, and they help to add lustre to the skin and reduce under-eye puffiness. So with all of the health benefits, we wanted to create 3-spring/summer recipes that show just how versatile this post-workout drink can be!

Cactus Water Ice Lollies







A few of your favourite berries make these ice lollies super fruity and refreshing

Time to make: 10 min  Time to set: 4 hours

Makes: 6x 80ml ice lollies


  • 150ml lemonade
  • 330ml of True Nopal Cactus Water
  • A handful of your favourite berries
  • Ice lolly moulds


  • Firstly mix the true nopal cactus water and lemonade in a jug
  • Now add your favourite berries to mix. Finally, pour the mixture into the moulds and leave to set in the freezer for 4-hours.
  • After 4-hours remove the ice lollies from the freezer and run under the hot tap to remove the lollies from their mould and serve.


Green Cactus Smoothie 







This nutritious drink is packed full of natural energy.

Time to make: 15min

Makes: 1 large glass


  • 200ml of True Nopal cactus water
  • 1 small banana
  • 1 tsp of spirulina powder
  • 1 kiwi fruit
  • A handful of spinach leaves
  • 1 tbsp of almond butter
  • 1/2 a lime


  • Peel the kiwi fruit and blitz all of the ingredients together in a smoothie maker apart from the lime and the cactus water. Stop blitzing once you have a smooth consistency.
  • Now slowly add the cactus water into the mixture.
  • Finally cut the lime in half and squeeze it in. Now give it one last blitz before pouring into a large glass.
  • Enjoy this smoothie in the morning or as a post-workout treat!


No Bake Cactus Water Cupcakes 







These light and refreshing cupcakes are perfect for picnics

Time to make: 10min    Time to set: 3 hours in the fridge

Makes: 6 cupcakes


  • 9 tbsp of True Nopal cactus water
  • 250g Coconut cream
  • 4 heaped tsp of pomegranate seeds
  • Blueberries to decorate
  • 4 tsp of honey
  • 75g of ground almonds
  • Paper cupcake cases


  • Combine the ground almonds, 6 tbsp cactus water and 1 tsp of honey in a bowl until it makes a firm consistency.
  • Spoon this mixture into the bottom of the cupcake cases and press it down.
  • Next, open the coconut cream and drain off the coconut water, now spoon the cream into a bowl and add 3 tbsp of the cactus water, 4 heaped tsp of pomegranate seeds and the 3 tsp of honey and mix well.
  • Once the mixture is creamy and smooth spoon this mixture evenly over the ground almond base.
  • Then top your cupcakes with blueberries and leave in the fridge to set for 3-hours.

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed our recipe ideas and if you attend our first Soul Care Session on April 22nd >> http://bit.ly/2ozBkla then you’ll receive some True Nopal cactus water in your goodie bag and can try out these recipes at home.

To find out more about True Nopal Cactus Water click >> HERE


Written by: Jane Moscardini 



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