5 Motivational Techniques That Will Get You Back On Your Mat

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There are going to be days where your yoga practice feels like flying. Where you are chomping at the bit to get on your mat all day at work, or when you rise from your slumber and immediately make your way to your mat for some sacred breath and movement.

There are also going to be days when the last thing you want to do is get on your mat and move. It could be that you are feeling a little tired. Maybe you feel stressed and taxed for time.

For many people the days when they don’t want to get on the mat are usually the days when they are feeling a little tired, or when they have some mental or emotional turmoil going on that they don’t want to face up to. Sound familiar?

Why You Should Practice Even When You Don’t Feel Like Practicing

Unless you are ill or dealing with an injury that you cannot work around, chances are, the days you do not want to practice will end up being the days where your practice is super rich. It tends to work that way—yoga may offer you the most when you want it the least.

So here are our top four motivational techniques that will help you back on your mat on the days when you would rather look at Instagram photos all day. In bed. In your your PJ’s

  1. Promise Yourself You Only Have To Do 15 Minutes

This little trick always works! We tend to get caught up in an ‘all or nothing’ attitude which leads to a spiral of negative thinking, resulting in a lack of motivation to start any practice. Try telling yourself I only have to practice for 15 minutes, this generally allows resistance to melt away. Who knows, after a few sun salutations you may be done and ready for you savasana, or you may get fired up and want to do a whole practice.

Either way, something is almost always better than nothing.

  1. Throw On Some Uplifting Music

Music is a universal motivator. If you are not feeling the indie vibe, or don’t want to listen to spiritual chants, thrown on some R & B or hip hop. There are no rules here.

Choose some music that really makes you want to move to set the stage for an awesome practice. Try not to feel like you have to play the “right” music for yoga. Play what makes you feel good because when you feel good, your energy is lifted and you will be more connected with yourself, and is that not one of the main points of the practice?

  1. Put On Your Favourite Outfit

Throw on your favourite tank top and your bright pink leggings or shorts and see how you can transform your mood.

This may seem silly, to think that what you wear could motivate or demotivate you, but when you are in an outfit that makes you feel good’, there is a greater chance that you will be lifted out of your de-motivated mood and to a place where you mat seems like a haven again.

  1. Change Classes

If you always practice the same class each week, try a different style. If you always go to the same teacher, try a different instructor.

Breathe in your new practice along with some fresh inspiration.

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