Lissa Foley-Hughes I spent 7 years in a professional career, and I guess I got to that certain age when goals are achieved dreams are realised and yet I couldn’t shake this profound sense of feeling “is this it”.

I had always enjoyed Yoga and Pilates so it became an obvious choice to explore the possibilities of embarking on a new path in teaching. Twenty years later, 10 years of study & over 10,000 teaching hours I’m still here as teacher and a life time student of yoga and Pilates and I thoroughly enjoy sharing my knowledge and passion to all the wonderful students and teachers I meet each day in class

I never considered starting my own business. Then one day I was teaching in yet another cold, soulless community centre and I kept thinking how many improvements could be made to make my students experience of yoga and Pilates more joyous – the environment, the temperature, the facilities, I also felt very passionately about broadening the reach of yoga in Newcastle.

I could never have done this without the amazing people around me. I have been unbelievably lucky in having a team of people that have gone out of their way to help turn it into a great studio. Their passion, support and kindness has honestly moved me to tears, and I thank them all.I am also hugely touched by everyone that comes to the studio and says something about how much they enjoy coming.  It makes it all worthwhile. What has amazed me is how a comparatively “dead” space has for me turned into a living space, and everyone that uses the space enhances this.  It will continue to grow and improve, and I hope that everyone who visits feels they have the chance to contribute.

Lissa Foley-Hughes is the founder of Yogalilies Studio. Lissa is an experienced and advanced Pilates expert with over 20 years of teaching experience, holding three Pilates & yoga certifications with CYQ, OCR, RYT200 and the internationally renowned BASI (Body Arts and Science International). In addition, Lissa is  a fully qualified Personal Trainer with London Central YMCA and holds additional qualifications with EFI Sports Medicine USA in Gravity Personal Training and Gravity Pilates Group.  Lissa has a true passion in Meditation and her daily practice keeps her sane! She is continually adding to her repertoire of qualifications and is currently studying Transpersonal Psychotherapy with Clearmind Institute with an aim to provide the best teaching & wellness coaching experience possible. In addition she is a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator and is passionate about hosting Yoga + Desire Map Retreats globally (a truly transformational process!) Her vocation and mission in life is in helping people find movement, freedom and joy in their lives with patience, persistence and playful exploration so that yoga & coaching becomes not only an activity to exercise the body, but also a tool to reduce stress, quiet the mind and live a more balanced, joyous & fulfilling life.