Soul Care Sessions is a monthly meet up for women, to provide workshops, new experiences and delve into different practices as well as looking at how to nourish ourselves with a little love and self-care. We want this to be everyone’s favourite monthly activity and give you the chance to meet all of the incredible women in our community. So we can learn from each other in a relaxing, nourishing and revitalising environment.

Our workshops and events will hopefully give you, ideas, new skills, and a networking circle. We hope each meeting inspires you as we have sourced an amazing array of wonderful women that you can learn from. As they share their skills with you from crafters, potters and florists to meditation and yoga teachers.

Each person is truly passionate about what they do and each gathering will introduce you to a new skill or wellness practice.

It’s totally free to join our sisterhood and once you sign up below we’ll be able to send you a list of the wonderful events we have coming up!

Creative Writing & Mindfulness Workshop

Sunday 28th September 2018

Time: 11:00sm – 2:30pm

Investment in you: £25

We welcome you to explore creative writing as a mindfulness practice at our next Soul Care Session. The session will be taken by local writer, Hannah Bullimore and will focus on easy steps you can take to use writing as a wellness tool – and as a fun and exciting hobby!

One mindfulness practice you may not have considered is creative writing. This fantastic practice can be used by anyone, whether you are a regular writer or have never tried writing before.

This workshop will start with simple writing activities that are accessible to all, then we will continue with a mixture of meditation, group discussions and fun writing activities.

Each guest will leave with a writing pack to help you continue writing after the session.