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We all have lotions, potions and mantras that we swear by to help us get through a stressful day and my Soul Care Sessions partner Jane Moscardini just wanted to share her top wellness tips with you, so I’ll hand over to Jane!

1 – Do what makes you feel good! 

We can often get bogged down with everyday life tasks and chores, and we forget what makes us tick. So for me, I LOVE to dance, the dancing that you do in your living room when no one is watching. If I don’t get to listen to my favourite tunes even for just 10-min a day and dance out the stress of my day, I’m in such a grump.

I also like to do 30min of at home yoga in the morning before breakfast and Pamela’s Friday night Yin class is also a must…so all of these things add up to me feeling my best and having the energy to support those around me.

2 – Take your vitamins

I started taking Vitamin D capsules a few years ago after I realised that I was severely deficient in my Vit D levels and if you live in Newcastle often it’s hard to get enough from those sun rays, so supplements are a great way to keep your natural levels high. As Vit D is essential for healthy bone, teeth and muscle function.

I also take Bare Biology, Lion Heart, Omega 3 capsules as I do a lot of yoga and get concerned about my joints, skin and heart and as our bodies don’t produce Omega 3 naturally it’s great to add it into your diet by taking a supplement. Plus I’m not a massive fan of oily fish so being able to swallow four small non-flavoured tablets per day with 860mg EPA and 440mg DHA (the same as a whole tin of sardines).

3 – Hydrate my body and skin 

Drink lots of water! I know everyone will tell you this but being hydrated makes me feel good, and it seems like such an easy thing to do but if your working at your desk you can often go for 2-3 hours without drinking anything at all. You become so distracted by your work that you forget to drink!

I have done this so many times in the past, and the only thing I found that helps is to bring a 2-litre bottle of water in with me in the morning and add some lime or lemon or berries to it to give a hint of natural flavour and challenge yourself to ensure you’ve drunk the whole thing by the end of the day. Also since I started doing this several other members of staff have done the same thing, and we’re all feeling less lethargic in the office these days as a result.

I can sometimes suffer from eczema behind my knees, and I’ve found that the best moisturiser is SUU Balm as it not only softens my skin when I get eczema it takes away the itch and reduces the red rash like symptoms that I get.

I hope you all liked my tips and if you have a remedy that you think would benefit our online community please leave it in the comments section below!

Written by; Jane Moscardini

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  1. Bhav  May 2, 2018

    Some great tips there. I find drinking enough water challenging – but will be important as the sun starts to peek through over the coming months (hopefully!) Personally, I’m a fan of meditation – nothing like 45 mins to 60 mins of good quality meditation to start the day on the right foot.


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