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So we’ve all been there you complete a killer workout, and then suddenly the endorphins wear off, and you need something to ease those achy muscles. Well here are a few things that I have found help me out after a hardcore Pilates session.


Post-workout I like to walk to a metro or bus stop that’s 10/15 min further away, as I feel I need the time to calm my active body down. Walking is also excellent for cooling and the muscles, and it helps to prevent cramping.


Re-energising drinks

My favourite Gym Tonic as it tastes so much better than the other fitness drinks I’ve tried plus it rehydrates me as much as water does but has the added benefit of containing L-glutamine and L-leucine. For the non-scientists amongst us, these are amino acids and help to contribute to the protein needed to repair and grow our muscles after a workout.

Find out more about Gym Tonic >> HERE


Treat yourself to a footbath!

I have always loved a foot bath, but my dad introduced me to Better You Magnesium Flakes as he has been using magnesium products for a long time because he has some previous sporting injuries, and he finds that the magnesium flakes and spray help his joints. Me personally I know that when my body is stiff and achy a magnesium flakes foot bath leaves my tense and sore body feeling relaxed and energised. Plus the magnesium is absorbed better through your feet than the rest of your body so a 20-min soak won’t just leave your feet feeling amazing it will benefit your whole body! Plus I love how cute the footbath is, and you can deflate it for easy storage, which is great when you live in a small flat like me!

You can read up on Better You magnesium products >> HERE 




Meditating can seem hard, but it’s a great way to focus your mind and help you relax. I know it can be a challenging practise to get into so I found that using the app Headspace helped me as they offer bite-sized meditations that start from just 1-min. Plus they allow you to build up your technique and meditation time over an extended period. Practising meditation on a regular basis has helped me to be less stressed and keep a  clearer head. Anyway, if you’re interested in downloading the app here is the >> LINK

Take a long soak in the bath!

After travelling for so long in Asia and only ever having showers in the hotel rather than a bath since I arrived back in the UK, it’s my new favourite thing. Just lying in a warm bath is such a good stress reliever plus it’s amazing for sore & achy post-workout body.

What’s different about Olverum Bath Oil well it contains a combination of 10 essential oils including Juniper, Rosemary, Pine, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Lavender and the relaxing, yet uplifting scent allowed you to relax entirely and feel cocooned in comfort. Then I emerged feeling renewed, soft, supple and cared for. Unlike some bath oils, your skin looks and feels healthy and supple but never greasy. This is genuinely my new favourite thing!

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Written by Jane Moscardini 

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