Simple Pleasures To Help Cultivate A Season Of Personal Growth

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March arrives, the last breath of winter and the first whisper of spring. Slowly our souls awaken, along with mother nature, from a long winter’s slumber. Tree branches that were bare now begin to blossom with new growth.

Deep within we feel a sense of new chapters waiting to be written, this month let us explore a few simple steps to help cultivate a fertile land for our spirits to grow into full bloom. Read on to discover simple pleasures to help the growing pains…

Get Outdoors

Whilst the winter months may leave you craving the snugness of the sofa and warmth of your duvet, getting outside amongst the healing power of nature will encourage your mind and soul  to reconnect and grow. The natural daylight will help regulate your sleep cycle and help increase vitamin D levels plus there is nothing more life enhancing than looking up at a clear blue sky and realising we are all connected to this one universe.

Have An Attitude Of Gratitude

Studies have shown that people who feel more grateful have more energy, optimism and happiness than those who don’t. Some people like to write down something that they are grateful for, or put it in a jar to see their gratitude notes grow over the year. I like to simply acknowledge in that one moment when I feel gratitude towards someone or something, then I like to sit with the feeling of gratitude just for a moment or two to establish a connection between thinking you are grateful to actually ‘being’ grateful – what works for you? Be curious, we are all different, what works for one will not work for another.

Make Sleep A Priority

Lack of sleep can leave us feeling fatigued, irritable and intolerant. For all you mum’s out there I can hear you, I know the last thing that seems available to you is getting enough sleep when you have little ones (human or the fury kind) Try to acknowledge the importance of sleep and make a commitment to try and get enough, by prioritising. Does the housework really need to be done to such perfection every day, or could your husband perhaps read the bedtime story this evening to allow you and early night? When we do fall into the magical dreamy land it is important that our sleep is of the best quality and uninterrupted if we are to awake feeling refreshed. Simple practices that can help with this: try leaving your phone on airplane mode, ensure your bedroom is cool and dark with no bright led lights flashing away, ban Ipads from the bedroom – Husband, darling, I hope that you are reading this!!!!

Get Creative – Awaken Your Inner Artist

Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about. Most of us feel uncomfortable thinking of  ourselves as artists, but we are. We tend to think of artists as published authors, famous sculptors, painters, film directors & ballet dancers who are perfect at their craft. But each of us is an artist. An artist is someone with good listening skills who allows themselves the time and space to tap into their creative energy, to bring forth something on the material plane that wasn’t here before. It was part of spirit before we could see it is a book, a play, a film, a dance or a painting. When you allow yourself the time to create without the need to be perfect at your chosen craft   you begin to fall into the ebb and flow of life. The reason you were born was to leave your own indelible personal mark on the world. Are you hankering after a hobby? Would you love to be creative with flowers? Upholster a chair? Try your hand at Interior Design? Bake a loaf? Each time you allow your creativity to flow, you let the universe know you are listening, you want to grow, you want to plant the seed this spring and watch as your spirit grows.

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